History of Peanut Days          

This signature Kiwanis fundraising effort had its beginning  at Wrigley Field. During a rain delay at a Cubs game, two Kiwanians hit on the idea of putting peanuts in the shell, like those at the ballpark, into paper bags and asking for donations to raise funds for their clubs. Eight clubs participated in the first Peanut Day in September 1951. With limited publicity and experience these eight clubs managed to raise maore than $18,000 in one day! Since then over $73 million has been raised by Kiwanis clubs for their charitable projects using the Kiwanis Peanut Days fund raising program. Peanut Days has become the most successful coordinated fund raising program in Kiwanis history. 

A recent addition to Kiwanis Peanut Dyas has been the donation of boxes of peanuts to U.S. troops overseas through Operations Support Our Troops - America. Please see below an example of our Naperville club's activities in supporting this cause.    


Successful 2017 Peanut Days

Hundreds of volunteer hours, hundreds of cases of peanuts handed out, resulted in nearly 100 cases delivered to Operations Support Our Troops for the holidays, and $22,000 collected for local charities. Thank you for your support.



  2015 Kiwanis Peanut Days > Remembering the Troops

Naperville Evening Kiwanis is proud to continue in their support of Operations Support Our Troops. On Thursday November 5th five Kiwanis members delivered 102 cases or 600 pounds of peanuts to their warehouse in Lisle. These peanuts will be packaged and distributed with other food items as part of holiday package showing our thanks to the troops. Case donations came from members and businesses in the area. Thank you all for your gift from the heart. See pictures below of some of our members who made this happen.

Getting ready to deliver the peanuts.


Peanuts have been delivered. Veterans who are members of Kiwanis on hand to particpate.

We are proud to honor those who have given so much of themselves.


  2014 Kiwanis Peanut Days & Builders Club Candy Days > Remembering the Troops. 

On Saturday November 8 Kiwanis members delivered 136 boxes of peanuts to Operations Support Our Troops warehouse in Lisle along with 120 lbs. of candy that the Builders Club of Hill Middle School donated from Halloween. As a total this equates to nearly 1,000 pounds of snacks. The middle school students also created cards to be sent out with the packages thanking the troops. This is a great way to celebrate Veterans Day....from the heart. Thank you all who donated to make this a very special event. 

See pictures below of all those who particpated in the delivery of peanuts and candy to be sent to the troops. 



Getting ready to load peanuts and candy for delivery to OSOT. (11/


Vehicles loaded with peanuts and candy for delivery to Operations Support Our Troops


Arrived at OSOT and working hard to off load 1,000 pounds of peanut and candy treats. 


A coordinated effort by OSOT, Kiwanis, and Builders Club


Lots of candy treats donated by Hill Middle School Kiwanis Builders Club


Lots of candy getting ready to get packed and shipped to troops over the holidays. 


Helpers taking a break to pose for  pictures. 

Kiwanis Builders Club helping with a smile.